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Trask Hatchery Hole Closed Due To Construction

Recreational fishermen who are planning to fish the Trask River at the popular “hatchery hole’ adjacent to the Trask River Hatchery when it opens on Oct. 16, are advised that the hatchery grounds are currently closed to the public. The closure is due to the ongoing construction currently under way at the facility. The hatchery grounds will remain closed to ensure public safety while contractors finish their work on the hatchery facilities.

It is important to note that the hatchery grounds closure does not affect fishing on the river itself, only access through the hatchery grounds. During the hatchery grounds closure, all vehicle and angler access is prohibited until further notice to ensure public safety while the construction is in progress.

In the meantime, the Trask River remains open to fishing, with temporary regulations in effect for wild Chinook bag limits. The popular “hatchery hole” will open as scheduled Oct. 16. In addition, while construction proceeds, parking is available to anglers on Chance Rd. near the entrance to the hatchery, and anglers can continue to access the river on the trail from the parking area but from there must remain on the river bank without accessing the main hatchery grounds.

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