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Wanted Waldport Man Arrested For Drugs

July 25th, 2022 the Newport Police Department received information that 42-year old Jeffery Haines of Waldport, was selling methamphetamine to others in the Newport area and had outstanding warrants for his arrest. The information was provided to area law enforcement officers and Haines was spotted by an Oregon State Police Trooper when they had passed Haines as he was entering Newport.

Newport K9 officer located Haines’ vehicle parked at a residence in Newport and began watching the vehicle for Haines to return to it. When he returned to his vehicle and began driving away from the area, Newport officers conducted a traffic stop and Haines was detained and during a search of his person, a quantity of methamphetamine was located.

During the investigation Haines consented to a K9 search of his vehicle and property. Newport Drug Detection K9 Zoe was introduced into the vehicle and alerted to items in the vehicle. Officer conducted a hand search of the vehicle and its contents. During the search a large quantity of methamphetamine was located, as well as evidence of drug use and sales.

Two outstanding warrants for Haines’ arrest were also confirmed. Haines was taken into custody and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for the following charges;

Possession of Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine

  • Delivery of Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine

  • Manufacture of Controlled Substances - Methamphetamine

  • Outstanding Warrants x 2

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