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Governor Approves Lincoln County Application For Opening

In a press conference held today Governor Kate Brown approved 21-Counties including Lincoln County to open for phase 1 opening. Under these guidelines restaurants and bars can open for sit down service with 6-feet distance and limit to 10 people in any one group. They also have to have strict cleaning and employees must wear face masks and can't be open past 10pm.

Personal care businesses can open as long as they screen clients ahead of service, maintain distance and track clients. Gyms can open as long as they can have 6-feet between users, no showers or pools and strict cleaning guidelines. In person gatherings will also be allowed up to 25 people.

The Governor said they will continue to monitor each county opening. Phase 1 is in effect for 21-days. Governor Brown said they suspect that there will be an uptick in cases. "All counties need to stay with these restrictions for at least three weeks before being able to move on. Stay at home rules may need to go back in place if cases spike." She encouraged social distancing and using face coverings. Until there is a cure or a vaccine how things return to normal is unknown. There will be continued monitoring of cases.

It was asked about if counties that are closed if they can travel to counties that are open for services and recreation. Brown said "We don't want to endanger other areas, so we are asking that people not engage in non-essential travel." The state will put out a new executive order regarding the stay at home order and could open up for other recreational activities. They are asking that the metropolitan area continue to only travel for essential tasks.

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