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Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Office Tip Of The Week

Summer brings warmer weather, longer days and, unfortunately, an increase in burglaries.  You can exercise renewed diligence to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of these crimes.

Keep vehicles locked with the windows up at all times when parked at your home.  Remove all valuables including purses, cell phones, MP3 players, GPS systems, laptop computers, DVD players, gym bags, briefcases etc.

Avoid Home Improvement scams Beware of anyone offering to perform an unscheduled home repair or asking to gain entry into your home.  Ask for identification, contact the company they say they work for to verify employment and ask for authorization for them to be at your property. Never agree to pay for home improvement services until the work has been completed.  Don’t sign home improvement contracts without reading the entire contract carefully and discussing anything that doesn’t seem clear with the company and trusted family members.

Keep doors closed and locked. This includes garages, sheds and patio doors.  Burglaries from open garages, sheds and residences are more prevalent in summer months and often occur while the homeowner is outside in the backyard.

Unattended bicycles should always be locked to something sturdy.  Remember when you stop to rest, eat or use restroom facilities, an unlocked and unattended bike is an invitation to theft.

Vacation plans? Have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up your mail and newspapers.  Set inside lights on a timer.  Set your home alarm. Use a home security camera so you can check in while you are away. Have a neighbor keep an eye on your house and make sure to leave a contact phone number for them to reach you in case of an emergency.

Take some simple steps to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.

For more information and tips, visit our web site at www.lincolncountysheriff.net  and Like us on Facebook at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office – Oregon.

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