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City of Newport Offers Limited Car Camping

The Newport City Council on September 21st approved ordinance No. 2170 that went into affect on October 21st with a goal to be able to offer car camping on city property. At their December 7th council meeting the council opening up space at the 9th and Hurbert parking lot for spaces for car camping for those who are experiencing homelessness. Required sanitary facilities including a toilet, hand washing, and trash disposal facilities are now available at this location. The Code provides an occupancy limitation limited to three or fewer vehicles at the same time, with proper spacing.

The three well-marked spaces are located on the southwest side of the parking lot. Vehicles are located within an on premise parking lot, and are spaced at least 10 feet apart; All items and materials are stored in vehicles or in a separate storage area that is screened from view from adjacent properties and public rights-of-way. The city welcomes inquiries from commercial and industrial property owners or religious institutions interested in providing car camping for homeless individuals. Questions may be directed to Peggy Hawker, at p.hawker@newportoregon.gov.

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