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Smoke Testing Of Newport Storm Lines Today

The City of Newport will be performing smoke testing of some storm lines. Smoke testing activities are scheduled to occur on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. The area of Brook Street between NW 2 nd and SW 3rd Streets will be tested, along with a section of W Olive between NW Hurbert and NW Brook Streets. Smoke testing is an efficient and cost effective way to identify system leaks. Problem areas are quickly identified by the smoke escaping through the holes in the system and being observed above ground by workers. Residents can rest assured that the smoke is non-toxic, non-staining, non-flammable and is harmless to people, animals, and plants. During testing, smoke will escape through storm manholes and catch basins. Any other observed smoke may suggest there is a problem with the system. If you notice smoke in your house or on your property please report it immediately to the personnel conducting the test or call the City of Newport Public Works Department at (541) 574-3366 Provided by: The City Of Newport

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