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The City Of Newport Supports County Housing Plan

The City Council accepted and supported, in concept, the Lincoln County Housing Strategy Plan at its meeting July 15.

In 2018, Lincoln County, in conjunction with its cities and the Siletz Tribe, applied for and received a grant to develop a housing strategy plan for Lincoln County. Over the course of the year, the development of this plan was guided by local planning officials throughout Lincoln County, as well as, elected and appointed local government officials from these same jurisdictions. The Housing Strategy Plan provides important information about the demographic and housing issues within Lincoln County, its local government jurisdictions, as well as, recommendations relating to updating housing related policies and zoning provisions within these cities.

Once the report is presented to the Newport Planning Commission for review, the County's recommendations will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration at a subsequent work session.

The Housing Strategy Plan was prepared by Angelo Planning Group (APG) and Johnson Economics with more than 20 stakeholders providing input.

The following key themes emerged.

•Overall housing need

•Land supply Labor costs are highNeeded weatherization for the coastal area adds to project costs

•Transporting materials from the Willamette Valley or elsewhere adds to project costs

•A significant amount of developable land in Lincoln County is either difficult/costly to serve with infrastructure, has steep slopes, or has wetland issues

•The smaller typical scale of projects on the coast is less attractive to Willamette Valley developers than projects in the Portland Metro area or other larger urban areas in the valley

•The cost of land, construction and debt does not always sync up well with the achievable rents available 


•Development process 

•Vacation rentals

The following types of strategies to address identified housing issues and needs were recommended for consideration. 

•Amendments to local Comprehensive Plan policies and development codes to ensure consistency with legal requirements and further overarching state and local housing goals 

•Potential steps to re-establish and further implement the home rehabilitation loan/grant program 

•Construction Excise Tax

•Transient Lodging Tax reallocation

•System Development Charge (SDC) deferrals or methodology updates

•Tax abatement or exemption programs

•Regional buildable land inventory

•Staff allocation to regional housing programs

•Tiny homes

•Recreational vehicles, and similar housing types

•Accessory Dwelling Units

•Urban growth management agreements

Provided by : The City Of Newport

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