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2nd Covid Death In Lincoln County

63-year-old man is Lincoln County’s second reported COVID-19 related death. This person tested positive on June 10th and died on June 23 in the Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital. At the time of this media release is not known if he had any underlying medical conditions. “This news is a sobering reminder for all of us that COVID-19 is a real threat to

those we love. We cannot imagine the sorrow his family and friends are feeling.” Said Nicole Fields, Deputy Director of Public Health.

With Lincoln County’s rise in positive cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-

19, prevention measures and guidelines must continue to be implemented to

prevent the spread of this virus. “We must continue to exercise caution to

prevent further illness or loss of life.  Our communities’ health is in all of our

hands." Said Fields. At this time, it is vital that all continue to follow OHA and CDC guidelines including:

 staying home when you are feeling ill or if you think you have had contact

with a positive case

 contacting your doctor if you develop COVID-19 symptoms

 wearing a face covering in public or near those that you do not live with

 maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from those you do not live with

 washing your hands and surfaces frequently

Lincoln County has many resources that can help residents or visitors of any

background and preferred language. If you experience a medical emergency

call 911 immediately. For less urgent care, contact the Lincoln Community

Health Center or Samaritan Health.

 Samaritan Health Services

o Current Patients: 855-543-2780.

o New Patients: 541-768-7080

 Lincoln Community Health Center

o New or current patients: 541-265-4947

If you find yourself needing support during this time or information, please

contact our Call Center at 541-265-0621 or


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