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Animal Shelter Update

The interim animal shelter buildings have started to arrive. They have one of two dog kennel buildings, and the other is expected at the end of next week. The house that will serve as the office/intake/catteries arrived with construction beginning Thursday (10/17) into next week. The trailer they are currently using as an office/adoption center will be utilized as a sick kitty ward since it can be easily disinfected. The hope is to have everything in place and operational by the end of October.

Plans continue for a permanent shelter, and there is a very promising lead for a new location. We greatly appreciate so many generous donations, fundraisers throughout the community, and everyone's well wishes. The Shelter has been able to care for, adopt, transfer, reunite, and license over 900 animals since being evacuated from their building 3 months ago. Staff is excited these interim buildings will allow them to do more, and they are very excited for all that we as a community are going to be able to accomplish with a new animal shelter.

Information and photos provided by Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

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