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Bayfront Parking Resolution Passes

The Newport City council approved a resolution that establishes fees and terms for parking on the Newport Bayfront. The City of Newport has been making various purchases of equipment, installing of the poles for signs, ticket kiosks, and resurfacing parking lots in preparation for the implementation of a parking system that will be supported by users on the Bayfront. Community Development Director Derrick Tokos has been working with the Newport Parking Advisory Committee to come up with a resolution regarding the parking fees for permits, including commercial fishing community permits, single use permits, fishing charter permits, as well as lodging day permits. The resolution provides the maximum length of stay in various districts and establishes meter pricing at $1 an hour.

In addition, the schedule that meters will be used to regulate parking is part of the resolution. The parking fees will provide support for the City’s Bayfront parking system including recouping cost for implementation of a pay system on the parking front, future upgrades to the parking in this area, as well as the providing funds for the enforcement of parking regulations. By making this a user-based system, the City will recognize revenue coming from both residents and visitors to support the parking infrastructure on the Bayfront.

Adoption of this resolution is the last step that the Council needs to take in order for this parking demand management program to be implemented. Meter and hybrid meter/permit areas shall be limited to the Abbey Street, Bay Boulevard, Case Street, Fall Street, and Hatfield public parking lots and those portions of Bay Street, Fall Street, and Bay Boulevard, Meter pricing shall be $1.00 an hour. Meters are to operate from 11am to 7pm, seven days a week from May to October. From November to April meters are to operate from 11am to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays only.

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