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Beaver Creek Landowner Will Do Ground Spray

The owner of harvested forestland in the Beaver Creek area has agreed to use a ground-based application of herbicide – as opposed to aerial spraying – in response to public concerns over the potential impact to wildlife habitat and water supply. After members of the public approached the Board of Commissioners for support in their opposition to a planned helicopter herbicide application near South Beaver Creek, commissioners submitted public comment to the landowner through the Oregon Department of Forestry FERNS system – the process prescribed by the Oregon Forest Practices Act to provide feedback on proposed forest activity – asking him to consider altering his plans.

The landowner, Sorn Nymark of ANE Forests of Oregon, responded to commissioners’

public comment in a letter dated Sept, 8. In his letter, Mr. Nymark stressed his personal

concern for natural resources and belief in the importance of pressing environmental

issues, particularly climate change. He also stressed his obligation under Oregon law to

control weeds in replanted forestland. However, in response to the commissioners’ public comment and community concerns, Mr. Nymark said he would not proceed with aerial application of herbicides but rather deploy ground spraying at an additional expense.

Commissioners are grateful for Mr. Nymark’s flexibility and responsiveness to his

neighbors’ sentiments, while Oregon law gives him the right to proceed with no

adjustment to his original plan. The commission believes this is the best possible

outcome in this circumstance, considering existing regulations.

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