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Beverly Beach Will Remain Closed Till July

Two popular coast parks have closures scheduled due to construction projects: Beverly Beach and Bullards Beach. Beverly Beach State Park, seven miles north of Newport, closed its campground and day-use area temporarily through July 1, 2024 for major construction projects. Bullards Beach State Park closed its campgrounds temporarily in preparation for construction but will re-open Nov. 13 due to a delay. The park will close its campgrounds again Jan. 2 through May 22, 2024 for a main sewer line upgrade.

Beverly Beach

Work crews at Beverly Beach will install underground power lines and replace portions of the water lines as part of the Go Bond projects, which include improvements at 10 parks around the state. The work at Beverly Beach includes:

  • Replace single-phase power to three-phase power so onsite equipment can operate safely.

  • Local power provider will replace the overhead power lines with underground power lines in conduit.

  • Replace portions of the water lines that are well beyond replacement age and are an ongoing maintenance issue.

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department knows that this state park will be missed this fall and winter season. The closure will allow crews to improve the parks for seasons to come.

During the closure, the park will also remove about 200 trees that are dead, dying or likely to become hazards. OPRD forestry staff and state forest pathology specialists believe that a receding water table is causing localized drought stress particularly among the mature Sitka spruce trees, which has lead to declining tree health and increased tree mortality. The park plans to plant drought-tolerant species in the future.

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