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Bus Tracking And Communications App Ready To Launch

Lincoln County School District Director of Facilities and Maintenance, Rich Belloni, shared that the First Student, Inc., the bus company contracted to transport Lincoln County

School District students, is ready for implementation of their bus tracking and communications

application. The app is called FirstViewApp and it will allow guardians the ability to receive messages and status updates from mobile phones or online using a desktop.

According to Belloni, “We are ready to start the pilot of this tracking app so that our guardians are up to date on when arrivals and departures of the buses are taking place. They can have messages come directly to them and get updates which will allow greater peace of mind when they can have access to the tracking on their own devices or using a desktop to go online.” Guardians will be sent a link to the application to download via text. LCSD is using the highest level of security to gain access to the students and routes using student identification numbers and school codes obtained directly from the school.

According to the First Student, Inc. website: the application is, “Easy to download, set up and use, FirstView contains helpful features, including estimated bus arrival time, opt-in district messaging regarding delays or issues, customizable alerts for when the bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away, secure password protection and built-in customer support. It's also now available in 10 languages to better meet the needs of districts and users.”

Implementation for the areas will be rolled out after this pilot in the Toledo area in the next few weeks. When the guardians of LCSD students obtain the required security codes they are able to Opt-In. At this time, the system is ready for the guardians of Toledo area riders to pilot the FirstView Parent App. These pilot users will receive a text message with a link to the app and further instruction.

Patience and understanding is requested as we work out any bugs in a new system. The GPS data will have a minimum of a 3-5 minute delay from real time due to uploading and processing. For more information on FirstView, go to firstviewapp.com. Guardians can find the FirstView Parent App in the App Store or Google Play. To watch a video about this App go here: http://www.firststudentinc.com/technology/firstview-bus-tracking/firstviewapp

Information and photo provided by LCSD

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