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Caden's Classic Golf Tournament For Child Abuse Prevention This Saturday

Caden's Classic is a scramble style Golf tournament against child abuse and raising money for Court appointed special advocates or CASA. Help be the voice for the children. It's a great cause.

Caden's Classic was started by Caden's father Dave Berry. Caden was strangled by his mother in 2017. The Toledo Lights of Hope nonprofit organization is presenting it.

Lincoln and Tillamook Counties have high rates of children in foster care in Oregon: many children currently live in a foster care.  All of these children have suffered from neglect or abuse at the hands of their parents.

Our Juvenile Dependency Judges must decide the futures of abused and neglected children in a system that is too overburdened to focus adequately on the needs for each child.

Without the powerful voice of an advocate, children too often return to unsafe homes or languish in long-term foster care, risking further abuse or neglect.  When children grow up without a safe, loving home there are dire long-term consequences:

Children may not be able to learn at the same rate as their peers and they may struggle with emotional difficultiesChildren can suffer from long-term health problems, and even deathChildren who are shuffled between foster homes are more likely to fail classes and fall behind in their learning and socialization.

They are the most vulnerable to experiencing poor health compared with any other group of children in the United StatesFor foster children who never find a permanent home and simply “age out” of the foster care system, the consequences are significant and long-term: only 50% will complete high school, 25% will be homeless, 40% will depend on some form of public assistance, and 27% of males and 10% of females will be incarcerated at least once.

CASA of Lincoln and Tillamook Counties struggle with a difficult choice: which vulnerable children will receive the powerful voice of a CASA volunteer and which children will not? Resources currently do not allow CASA to serve all our children in foster care.

The choice is heart-wrenching and the outcomes for children’s futures are critical. The community, justice system and child welfare system depend upon CASA’s advocacy for abused and neglected children.  The Lincoln and Tillamook County Juvenile Judges encourage CASA volunteers to speak in their courtrooms, and they report the need for more CASA volunteers to provide information and help guide decisions on difficult cases.

There are several raffle items. $500 1st prize $50 for long drive. $50 for kp . Free bbq lunch provided. Putting competition and more. June 22nd registration is $50 a person $200 a team. Mulligans will be available for purchase at the tournament.

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