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Central Coast Summer All-Depth Halibut Opening Every Week

The Central Oregon Coast Subarea (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain) summer all-depth Pacific halibut season is expanding to be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. These added openings give anglers additional opportunity to harvest the halibut quota.

August 20-22 was previously scheduled to be open. The next opening will be the following week, August 27-29, and continue every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until the quota is caught or October 31.

The bottomfish fishery opens to all depths beginning September 1, 2020. Bycatch impacts to yelloweye rockfish have been low enough so far this year that beginning on September 1, all-depth halibut anglers may retain bottomfish on the same trip. Retention is prohibited during the summer months when bottomfish is restricted to inside of 40 fathoms. Anglers are reminded that yelloweye rockfish retention is prohibited at all times and must be released using a descending device.

“Over the last couple of years, anglers have come to look forward to the opportunity to fish in the fall for both all-depth halibut and deepwater lingcod on the same trip” said Lynn Mattes, ODFW Sport Halibut and Bottomfish Project Leader. For more information about halibut regulations, visit: https://myodfw.com/pacific-halibut-sport-regulations

Information and photo by ODFW

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