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Child Sex Offender Sentenced To 171 Years

On January 25th, 2022, 49 year old Mark Edgar Landry was sentenced to 2,055 months(or 171 years) to the Department of Corrections by Presiding Judge Sheryl Bachart. A Lincoln County jury unanimously found Landry guilty of 19 counts of child sexual abuse that occurred over the course of 6 years, while the victim was between the ages of eleven and sixteen. Pursuant to “Jessica’s Law,” ORS 137.700(2)(b)(E) and (F), each count perpetrated on this victim while she was under the age of 12 carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 300 months, with no eligibility for early release or good time.

The State believes this lengthy sentence is justified because of the defendant’s repeated and systematic abuse of a vulnerable young child resulting in the destruction of her childhood and irreparable damage to her relationships, mental health, safety, and future. This case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Hollie Boggess who continues to hold sexual offenders accountable for their actions.

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