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County Approves Emergency Contract For Animal Shelter

Wayne Belmont photo by Casey Miller

Wayne Belmont County Council talked to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) about the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and it's condition and the need to have a permanent location for the site, as it is in a temporary trailer right now. He said the goal is to have the temporary location be at the current site, demolish the current structure and then put in some modulars at the site to use in the meantime until a new site can be permanently built.

The BOC approved a declaration of emergency to start the work right away to demolish the old shelter and begin moving temporary modulars in place to be used as a temporary shelter, while the new shelter is being built. Commissioner Jacobson is on a work group that is trying to find a new location for the shelter that could be used as a permanent site for the future of the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

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