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County Considers Give Jump Off Joe Right Of Way To State

During last week’s Board of Commissioners meeting (1/2/19) County Council Wayne Belmont reported that the vacation request for County Road 500, Jump Off Joe had been removed from the agenda as the petitioner withdrew his request for the vacation. The meeting was commissioner Thompson’s last meeting and he said he has a lot of interest in the project. He proposed that the area be turned over to Oregon State Parks for inclusion in the Oregon Coast Trail.

“From the Agate Beach park to the area of Jump Off Joe there is a series of sharp turns with no room for a sidewalk for pedestrians on the Oregon Coast Trail. Providing this area would make the trail smoother to navigate.” He said “in developing that end of the trail, you would come out about a half mile further south. You could go up the trail and end up in Nye Beach, go through the community and then over to the bridge.” Thompson added this would make it a lot easier then the way it is set up now and is the original trail.

Commissioner Hunt said he is on the committee looking at the Oregon Coast Trail and confirmed they are trying to close some of the gaps on the trail and this would help that. He said “this is an orphaned right of way in the city limits of Newport.” The public has shown strong support for keeping the area in the public right of way.

During commissioner report Commissioners Hunt and Hall thanked Terry Thompson for his 16 years of service to the county and more through his work as a State Representative. Highlights have included his work with establishing the FINE committee, work on tsunami and emergency preparedness and collaborative work with the Siletz Tribe. Commissioner Kaety Jacobson was sworn in on Monday January 7th. Her first commissioner meeting will be on the 9th.

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