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County Moves Phase 2 Opening To September 29

During the Board of Commissioners meeting Rebecca Austen Health Department Director once again provided an update on the counties Covid numbers. She said right now there are 463 positive cases, 7607 negative cases, 23 people have been hospitalized, and the County has had 13 people die from Covid. The state updated the recovered rate from 20 to 49. She added that the data shows that since July the positivity rate in Lincoln County is rising and is at 10% and needs to be at 5%. The cases seem to be highest in the younger population those age 19-39 because they are the ones working and socializing more.

Wayne Belmont reported that he did get a response from the state regarding questions about going into phase 2, which was scheduled for next week. According to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) when considering going to phase 2 for a county they are looking for decreased cases. They will be looking at the data through August 30th. Belmont said that as of last Thursday (8/27) the County met all but one of the required metrics.

Commissioner Doug Hunt made a motion to delay the application to go to phase 2 until Tuesday September 29th, consistent with the date of extension for the 24-hour hold on rentals for motels and short term rentals in the county. He said this would also give the county more time to gather data and look at the impact of Labor Day. Commissioner Jacobson added that the county should meet with the OHA the week before to hear more about the data before opening. The motion passed 3/0. The County, like the state, extended the county emergency declaration to November 3.

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