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Crestview Heights Elementary Will Open To In Person Learning

In a letter sent to parents of Crestview Heights Elementary School in Waldport on March 2nd Crestview principal Michael Gass told parents that because the Covid numbers are so low in south county they are going to be opening elementary school to students starting on Monday for in person learning. Lincoln County School District has approved the school to be the first in the district to move to four days per week.

To our knowledge no other schools in the district have announced they will be going back to full time. Crestview appears to be the first. The school district has not announced any plans to open other areas of the district. Classes will be held at the school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The letter stated the school has managed the A/B cohorts, and students have been outstanding in maintaining school protocols.

The most significant change will be student movement outside the classroom in moments like arrival, dismissal, and bathrooms. Gass stated in the letter that the school has developed and tested protocols and they feel confident in the processes to make this transition. Additionally,

the staff has been open to voicing their concerns when those protocols don’t meet health and safety standards.

In communications with families, Gass said if students are on campus, families have generally voiced they are grateful for the two days, and four is no more a concern than the two-day program for their family. Each classroom is self-contained for students, and students eat breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the regular classroom. Recess is separated by zone, and the school will rotate, so students get some variety with equipment.

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