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Depoe Bay Chamber Receives Grants

The Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the recent receipt of two grants totally $40,000. The funds will be used for branding, marketing and advertising efforts during the next 12 months. Chamber Board President Bill Johnson stated, “The Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce is delighted that the Oregon Coast Visitors Association and the Travel Oregon have awarded us these grants. Our Executive Director has done an outstanding job obtaining these funds, which will be efficiently and effectively used to promote our community.

We are excitedly looking forward to the multiple activities these funds will enable us to do in showcasing this wonderful place, which we call Depoe Bay. “ The first grant of $20,000 comes from the Oregon Coast Visitors Association, commonly known as OCVA. This grant will support the Chamber’s efforts to re-brand the organization to meet tourism industry trends. In addition to growing their digital marketing presence, these funds from OCVA will support creating an upgraded Chamber website for mobile access and enhanced usability, as well as developing a new logo and brand identity for the organization.

Chamber Executive Director, Laura Furgurson, who submitted the grant proposals says, “Given that the Depoe Bay Chamber of Commerce was founded 71 years ago, its brand and identity are due for an update to better represent the unique nature of Depoe Bay and more effectively reach travelers.” “We (OCVA) have been extremely impressed with the amount of energy and ambition coming from Depoe Bay recently. The new name and brand aligns well with our strategic plan as one of the main goals is to attract visitors during the off season.

Depoe Bay has excellent whale-watching opportunities, restaurants with breath-taking views, and locally-owned shops that provide visitors with memories that bring them back every year. The new brand and name will invite those that haven't been yet and continue to provide economic viability to the community.” said OCVA Director Marcus Hinz. Travel Oregon has awarded the Chamber an additional $20,000 grant, which will be used for targeted digital and print advertising, including photography, graphic design and copywriting.

It will also fund a Winter Coop Video campaign to attract visitors during the off season, which is vital to Depoe Bay’s economy and small business vitality. Overall, in this grant cycle Travel Oregon funded over $470,000 for local tourism projects around the state. “Travel Oregon’s mission is to inspire travel that drives community enhancement and economic development,” said Todd Davidson, Travel Oregon CEO.

“By supporting these projects, we are not only working to fulfill this mission, but also making Oregon a better place for residents and visitors by increasing accessibility to attractions and preserving the state’s history and its natural places.” After just 6 months with the organization, Furgurson is grateful for the confidence both OCVA and Travel Oregon have placed in the Chamber to move Depoe Bay to the forefront in visitor’s minds.

“I am very excited about the potential that lies ahead.” The Chamber will be highlighting their recent progress and unveiling future plans during their State of the Chamber event on October 22. For event details, please email laura@depoebaychamber.org.

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