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Depoe Bay Salmon Bake

This drive-thru/walk-up event will be COVID-safe and include: A variety of salmon culinary items; Interpretive display and recorded indigenous music presented by Siletz Tribal Honored Elder; Ability to purchase unique Native American and salmon-themed  items; Launching of Best US Harbor and Discover Depoe Bay attire;Raffle for over $1000 in local prizes. In addition, special salmon menu items will be available at participating restaurants from Sept 18-25.

Note: Face coverings will be required at the outdoor event and all restaurants.

In an effort to keep the tradition alive and continue raising funds for the Depoe Bay Community Fund, we’ll be hosting and promoting a NEW twist on our typically successful fall event. Last year we had over 1200 in attendance and raised nearly $13,000 to support the Community Fund and Chamber operations. This September would have been Depoe Bay’s 64th Annual Traditional Native American Salmon Bake. Instead of our long-time typical group gathering, starting September 19th, we’re going to feature the following activities:

  • Local restaurants will offer salmon specials

    • So far participating restaurants include Bayview Thai Kitchen, Gracie’s Sea Hag, The Horn, Mazatlan Restaurant, Mo’s West in Otter Rock, SCP Hotel/Kitchen, Sea Bites, Tidal Raves, Whale Bites

    • Many have generously offered to donate a portion of their sales

    • Don’t get left out… restaurants, food carts and caterers, by September 10th let us know if you would like to participate!

    • Details by restaurant will be available on the Chamber website by Sept 15th.

Storefronts will decorate and feature salmon and/or Native American related products

  • Via our website and social media channels, the Chamber will post event-related contests, photos, trivia, recipes, etc.

  • The Chamber will hold an online raffle for over 40 local prizes.

  • We will also be selling a variety of Native American and/or Salmon-related products.

History of the Salmon Bake: Over the past 60+ years, this gathering has evolved into the current "Indian Style" Salmon Bake, held annually on the 3rd Saturday in September. Salmon is cooked in the traditional manner used for generations by Native Coastal tribes.

Each year, over 2,000 pounds of salmon are slow-roasted to perfection on alder stakes over a 80-foot long fire line. Come enjoy friends and neighbors, live music, and of course, an amazing salmon meal.

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