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Deputies Help Woman In The Surf

On Tuesday March 16th just after 7:00 AM, Deputy Honse responded to a report of a suspicious person at a hotel in Yachats who was reported to be acting erratically. When Deputy Honse arrived, he was alerted by a guest that the woman involved was walking into the surf. Deputy Honse ran down to the beach and saw the woman being swept out to sea in water neck-deep. Deputy Honse kept eyes on her as she was approximately 75 yards out in the surf and drifting South. Thankfully, the tide brought the woman back in closer to the shoreline and Deputy Honse entered the waist-deep water to rescue her before it sucked her back out.

Deputy Honse was assisted by Animal

Service Deputy Bailey in escorting the woman back to the hotel where Yachats Fire Department assumed care of her. It was determined the woman was experiencing a mental health crisis at the time and she was transported to a local hospital by ambulance for Hypothermia. While Deputy Honse headed back home to change into a dry uniform, Deputy Bailey and Deputy Cloud responded to the patient's hotel room and took care of transporting her dog to the animal shelter for safekeeping.

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