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Drivers Cited For DUII And Meth

On 2/9/23 State Police Trooper Nathman stopped the driver of a Honda Civic on SW 7th and Hurbert in Newport. Investigation showed the driver, identified as 35-year old Jose C. Alfaro of Eugene was found to be driving while suspended. He also exhibited numerous signs of impairment and reportedly admitted to consuming alcohol. Mr. Alfaro however refused

to submit to field sobriety tests, and was subsequently arrested for DUII. He was

transported to Lincoln County Jail where he refused to provide a breath sample. A search warrant to seize a breath and blood sample were applied for and was granted, but Alfaro continued to refuse to provide a breath sample. A blood sample was taken and he was cited for driving while suspended, driving uninsured, and refusing to take a breath test and lodged in jail for the crime of DUII.

On 02/06/23, State Police Trooper Randall stopped the driver of a BMW on Highway 101 in Lincoln City for a traffic violation. The Driver, identified as 21-year old Sydney M. White was driving while suspended and without insurance. The vehicle also had switched license plates on it. White was in possession of a non-criminal about of Methamphetamine. She cited for Driving while suspended, no insurance and switched plates. She also was cited for violation level Possession of a controlled substance for Meth.

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