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Dungeness Crab Management Plan

ODFW recently finalized the first of its kind management plan for one of Oregon’s most iconic fisheries: Dungeness crab. The comprehensive Oregon Dungeness crab fishery management plan (FMP) covers both commercial and recreational Dungeness crab fisheries. The FMP describes the Dungeness crab fisheries in Oregon, provides an overview of the regulatory framework and management approach, and helps continue good governance of these fishery sectors.

Specific management goals and objectives are included to support long-term sustainability of this important fishery, coastal communities, and larger ecosystems. ODFW sought input from interested stakeholders on a draft version of the FMP during a 30-day public comment period which ended on Oct. 15, 2021. That same day, ODFW presented the draft plan to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and heard public testimony.

ODFW updated the draft FMP to incorporate public and Commission input and provided written responses addressing comments that were not incorporated. The final FMP is available online along with a summary of substantive comments pertaining to the draft FMP and ODFW’s responses.

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