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Dust Abatement Application On Unpaved Streets In Newport June 12th - 14th

The City of Newport has contracted with Nutrien Ag Solutions of Tangent, Oregon, for dust abatement application on Wednesday, June 12th through Friday, June 14th on Newport’s unpaved streets. If you park your vehicle on an unpaved street, please consider parking off the street to facilitate application of the dust abatement material. The material being applied is lignosulfonate, a naturally occurring polymer found in wood that acts like glue. It is non-corrosive, and non-toxic to humans, pets, and wildlife, and easily washes off with soap and water. Lignosulfonate has been used as a treatment for dirt roads in Europe and the United States since the 1920’s. A Materials Data Safety Sheet for lignosulfate has been posted on the City of Newport Public Works Facebook page. . Lignosulfonate works by binding the road surface particles together. Water evaporates from the lignin as it dries, and the dust particles are trapped by the high-viscosity, naturally sticky material. Over time, the lignin becomes insoluble due to solar heating.

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