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Essential Works Vaccination Information

The Governor and Oregon Health Authority recently announced the complete COVID-19 vaccination sequence and timeline for all Oregonians, which includes additional groups of essential workers in Phase 1b. They also published an informational sheet about these additional frontline essential workers included in Phase 1b. Phase 1b is our current phase.

On March 29, the following frontline essential workers become eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in Oregon.

This group is explicitly limited to:  

 Migrant and seasonal farm workers

 Seafood and agricultural workers

 Food processing workers

 Wildland firefighters

On May 1, a broader list of frontline essential workers will become eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations in Oregon. Many industries are in this group, but only frontline workers are eligible. Workers will need to meet all of these criteria to qualify for this group: 

1. Be working in one of the industries listed on Page 2 of the new sequence.

These are jobs that are critical for the function of society through this



2. Be a frontline worker in one of these essential industries. A person must

meet all of these criteria to be a frontline worker in this group:

a. Cannot work from home or some other setting to avoid close

contact with others (less than 6 feet of space for 15 mins or more),


b. Has regular close contact (less than 6 feet of space) with others,


c. Routinely has more than 15 minutes of close contact with others.

For more information check this Lincoln County website:

● Call Lincoln County Call Center: 541-265-0621

● Email the Lincoln County Call Center at


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