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Governor Approves Lincoln County For Phase 2

Lincoln County will move to Phase 2 of reopening effective Tuesday, September 29. The county applied for Phase 2 in late August, and, after conversations with the Oregon Health Authority, agreed to remain in Phase 1 into September to ensure the county’s COVID-19 metrics had, in fact, stabilized.

“The people of Lincoln County and county leadership should be commended for pulling together after the COVID-19 workplace outbreak they experienced in June,” said Governor Brown. “They are an example of what we can all accomplish by working together to contain this disease.”

In the last two weeks, Lincoln County has had only 2 new cases of COVID-19 per week, for an average of 0.29 cases per day. The county’s positivity rate is below 2%––down from nearly 8% in the first week of August.

Letter from Governor Brown

Chair Jacobson,

Thank you for the effort you, your residents, and your public health system have put into

containing the spread of COVID-19 in Lincoln County. As mentioned in my August 20, 2020 letter, we’ve been in discussions regarding a mutually agreed upon date for the safe reopening in Lincoln County. I am pleased to inform you that your county continues to meet the required pre-requisites and may enter Phase 2, on September 29, 2020.

I want to acknowledge Lincoln County local public health, community partners, contact tracers

and residents who all came together to decrease the transmission of COVID-19 in your county.  Over the past two weeks (September 6-19), Lincoln County has had a total of 4 cases.

This is a case rate of 8.3 per 100,000 people.  The county has reported an average of 0.29 cases per day over the past two weeks.  Over the past 2 MMWR weeks, 75% of cases could not be traced to a known source.  There are no notable recent outbreaks.

As we all know by now, reopening does not come without risks. With every restriction lifted

we know transmission of the virus has the potential to increase. The Oregon Health Authority will be monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in your county, and throughout the state, and will be ready to work with you if any concerns arise. Thank you for all of your hard work and vigilance on behalf of Oregonians.


Governor Kate Brown

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