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Fishing Vessel Sinks At Port Dock 5

At 12:02 PM on Thursday, June 9, 2022, Newport Fire Department was dispatched to a report of vessel sinking at Port Dock 5 on Newport’s Bay front. Upon arrival, units observed a commercial fishing vessel tied up near the fuel dock listing to its port side and sinking in water. After ensuring no lives were at risk, fire crews worked with officials from the Port of Newport and USCG Yaquina Bay to set containment and absorbing buoys around the vessel. Fuel and power were disconnected to the docks. Fuel spilled was kept to a minimum due to the quick actions of responders. No injuries were reported.

Newport Fire Department received assistance from the Port of Newport, USCG Yaquina Bay, Carson Oil Company, Newport Police Department, Lincoln County Sherriff’s Office, Oregon State Police and Central Lincoln PUD. Depoe Bay Fire District provided coverage. Newport Fire Department responded with 1 fire engine, 1 heavy rescue, 2 chief officers and 6 firefighters. The cause of the vessel sinking was under investigation. Representatives of the vessel owner are working with Port of Newport Officials to raise the vessel.

According to the Port of Newport, NWFF Environmental, Global Diving and Salvage, and Bergerson Construction are on site and working together to refloat the vessel. The vessel’s fuel tanks were capped off to prevent leakage of fuel, and the vessel owner has worked with the salvage and environmental companies to formulate a salvage plan. A containment boom has been deployed around the sunken vessel, and although some residual fuel leakage has occurred, due to the quick response of the vessel owner and the Port of Newport, that discharge has been minimized and contained.

Divers have entered the vessel and closed the valves necessary to refloat the vessel; a lifting sling is being placed beneath the boat to slowly shift the vessel’s attitude so that the salvage company can begin the process of refloating the boat. The process will be slow due to the amount of caution being exercised. The fuel dock appears to be undamaged, and Port of Newport is working to makes sure efforts are made to restore their capability as quickly as possible.

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