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Gibson Farms Donation To Siletz Valley Fire

SVFD Fire Chief David Lapof accepts a $2000.00 donation from Amy Gibson, owner of Gibson Farms. Also pictured are Lorissa Fujishin, Brenton Gibson, Brooke Gibson, and Alan Fujishin of Gibson Farms, Senior Deputy Bruce McGuire (LCSO Search and Rescue) and Captain Daniel Morford (SVFD)

Gibson Farms, in Siletz, has donated $2000.00 to the Siletz Valley Fire District (SVFD) in support of their emergency response, community services, disaster prevention and education programs. “We really hope we don’t need them, but when something goes unexpectedly wrong on the farm or in our community, these are often the folks who are going to show up to help first,” says Alan Fujishin, Co-Manager at Gibson Farms.  “It’s important that they have the people, the tools, and the training to do their work well.”


At various times over the years, Gibson Farms has joined with personnel from SVFD and their partners, like the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), Oregon State Police, and Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) to provide outreach and training opportunities as well as to respond to actual emergencies near the farm, like boating accidents, wildfires, and Search and Rescue incidents. Amy Gibson, owner of Gibson Farms, sums up the close relationship between local emergency services and the community: “It’s just a small town, so when you hear sirens or a medical helicopter come over, it’s probably for someone you know.  When we call 911 for an accident at the house, we’re already on a first-name basis with the responders.”


The Gibson family hopes the donation will remind others this summer to support the community organizations that benefit us all, in whatever way they can. “Need knows no season, but farmers sure do, and for us, summer is a great time to plan a gift.  A lot of people give during the holidays; it’s tradition.  However, by Memorial Day we know exactly how we did the prior year, what our tax bill was, and we might have a pretty good view of the possibilities for the current year crops and markets,” says Fujishin.


SVFD Fire Chief, Dave Lapof, is grateful for the support, and echoes how others can help.  “This donation will help us fulfill ongoing needs at our District, like training and updated equipment,” says Lapof.  “These kinds of contributions help strengthen and protect our community.  People can help by volunteering with our District, making a donation, or simply participating in one of our outreach events.  You don’t need emergency response experience to begin volunteering; we will provide all the training you need.”


The Siletz Valley Fire District is a primarily volunteer organization and provides multiple emergency services for the City of Siletz, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, Logsden, and surrounding rural areas.  An elected Board of Directors oversees its operations.  They operate with support from a local taxing district, grant funds, and volunteer contributions. 

Gibson Farms is now a 4th Generation family farm in the Siletz Valley, producing blueberries and grass-fed beef.  The family farm was first established in Logsden in 1937. 

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