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Have fun And Be Safe This Independence Day - Tips From The City Of Seaside

The City of Seaside encourages everyone to HAVE FUN and BE SAFE this Independence Day! Whether visitors are here for the extended weekend or just for the day, Seaside is one of the most popular destinations for July 4th festivities and fireworks and it’s easy to make it a fantastic day. The City wants to ensure visitors leave with a good experience and lifelong memories, so here are five tips to keep in mind.

TIP 1: Use only legal Oregon fireworks and respect the fireworks-free zones for families and children near the Seaside Turnaround. Illegal fireworks explode, behave in an uncontrollable and unpredictable manner, eject balls of fire, or travel more than six feet on the ground or one foot into the air.

TIP 2: Share the beach and keep your area safe for everyone. No tents on the beach, avoid digging large fire pits, and pallets are not allowed in any circumstance as they litter the sand with hidden nails and other sharp metal objects.

TIP 3: Stash your trash. Use the public garbage receptacles posted at entry points to the beach along the Promenade. Volunteers regularly help clean the beach to ensure a welcoming and safe environment for visitors, but every little bit helps! 

TIP 4: Traffic can be tricky. Consider parking in designated spots on the east side of the Necanicum River to help minimize traffic congestion following the fireworks show.

TIP 5: Be responsible. Police, fire, and city officials work around the clock to keep services in town running as smooth as possible with the large numbers of holiday visitors. If you need assistance with a non-emergency or want to report something, don’t hesitate to contact authorities at (503) 738-6311. If you see something, please say something.

On behalf of Seaside's City Council and public safety officials, the city appreciates everyone staying safe as the summer season officially kicks off these next couple of weeks. Seaside thanks you for spending Independence Day with us.

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