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Illness Closes Toledo Schools

Today, 11/21/22 both Toledo Jr/Sr and Toledo Elementary reported a very high absence rate. This rate may be due to a number of reasons but many of the absences are being reported as illness. The current absence rate is greater than 10% for both students and staff and this rate of absence is not conducive to productive levels of learning. Due to this absence rate the school district has determined that they need to close both schools on Tuesday Nov 22, 2022. There will be NO SCHOOL tomorrow at both Toledo Jr/Sr and Toledo Elementary. No staff will be at the buildings so that they can be thoroughly cleaned during the closure and ready for students and staff on Monday Nov 28, 2022. District officials said they are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and did not make this decision lightly as they know that not all families will have an easy answer to finding childcare. The district however does believe this is the right decision at this time for the health of both students and staff.

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