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Inmates Test Positive For Covid

On Saturday March 27, 2021 Sheriff’s Office Administration was informed that an Adult In Custody (AIC) was indicating signs/symptoms similar to that of COVID, the AIC was immediately tested utilizing a rapid COVID test, the result returned positive. Based on the housing location of the AIC all AIC were tested and five additional tests were received as positive. As per established protocol, all AIC who test positive are to receive an additional test, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), to confirm accuracy of the initial test. In addition to AIC, staff were provided the necessary COVID test.

Prior plans had been established which entailed leaving a housing unit vacant should we have one or more positive cases. Because of this established process we were able to quarantine these AIC and they are now being monitored by medical staff multiple times each day. At this point all of the individuals exhibit only minor symptoms which can be adequately treated within the facility. Jail Medical staff have been in close contact with Lincoln County Public Health and the State of Oregon to ensure all necessary protocols are being followed to include contact tracing.

All AIC throughout Oregon became eligible for the COVID vaccine in February. Lincoln County has been and will continue to offer the vaccine to all AIC. To date we have provided at least a single dose vaccine to 43 AIC. All prior precautionary measures and protocols remain in place for our facility – COVID testing for all AIC who remain in our custody, daily temperature checks for AIC and staff as well as a facial covering requirement and other daily precautions.

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