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Intoxicated Driver Arrested After Crash

Thursday March 18th just after 7pm State Police Trooper Kolacz responded to a single vehicle crash occurred on US-101 in Seal Rock. During the incident the driver, identified as 53-year old Leon L. Limon of Seal Rock exhibited signs of impairment. A passenger was entrapped inside the car and had been seriously injured. Limon denied field sobriety tests and was transported to the Samaritan North Lincoln hospital in Newport to receive care.

While at the hospital Limon refused a blood draw under Implied Consent. A search warrant had been approved by Judge Sheryl Bachart and a blood sample had been taken and sent to the Oregon State Police crime laboratory for testing. Limon was lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for DUII, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangering, Assault 4, and Harassment for spitting on a hospital worker's face multiple times.

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