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Intoxicated Driver Found With A Handgun

On the early morning of October 5, 2019, the Oregon State Police received a driving complaint regarding a Honda CRV that was failing to maintain its lane and an inconsistent speed which ranged from 40-80 MPH. State Police Trooper Larson located the car based off the description provided to Dispatch and further poor driving was observed. Trooper Larson conducted a traffic stop on the car and immediately observed signs of impairment on the driver, who was identified as 25-year old Julian Manning W. Eisen of Eugene.

Trooper Larson also found Eisen to have an open can of beer between his legs during the initial contact. When he returned to ask him to perform Safety Field Sobriety Tests, a handgun was observed on the driver seat partially tucked under his groin. Eisen did not have a valid concealed handgun license. He consented to and performed poorly during field sobriety tests and was placed in custody for DUII, Reckless Driving, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

Eisen was transported to and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail where he provided a breath sample revealing a blood alcohol content of .22%, nearly three times the legal limit.

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