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Intoxicated Driver Gives False ID To Police

On February 5th State Police State Police responded to a crash on hwy 229. Investigation showed the driver crashed her Dodge Durango near milepost 11 while driving northbound. Oregon State Police responded and observed signs of impairment from the driver. The driver performed field sobriety tests and further impairment was observed. The driver was arrested and had been brought to the Samaritan North Lincoln Samaritan Hospital for medical treatment.

A blood sample was seized as additional evidence. The driver was cited in lieu of custody for DUII – Controlled Substances. On March 17, 2021 the Oregon State Police received additional information on this case. A cousin of the driver had provided sufficient evidence showing her personal information had been used unlawfully during the night of the original crash on 2/5/2021. It was determined the driver had committed the crime of identity theft and giving false information to a police officer as she had been falsely identifying herself as her cousin. Information will be sent to the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office.

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