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Intoxicated Driver On A Rampage Crashes Into Several Parked Cars

On February 1st, 2022 the Newport Police Department began receiving calls about a vehicle that had crashed into several other vehicles in the area of the Agate Beach Golf Course. Newport officers responded, as well as deputies from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. While officers were enroute, another report came in that the vehicle, which was reportedly being driven by an adult female, was now crashing into vehicles in a business parking lot in the 5100 Block of North Coast Hwy.

A witness reported the female driver, later identified as 56-year old Marcia Mary Bennett of Newport, had crashed into approximately seven (7) parked vehicles in the parking lot and had then driven northbound on Hwy 101. Officers located the vehicle in the 5800 block of North Coast Hwy and contacted Bennett there. Bennett consented to field sobriety tests, which determined she was impaired.

Further investigation revealed Bennett had traveled to an address in Newport where she was prohibited to go due to a Restraining Order being filed against her. Bennett took a vehicle from the residence and began driving northbound on Hwy 101. On at least four occasions, Bennett crossed the roadway out of her lane of travel and swerved towards oncoming vehicles, causing the other vehicles to drive off the roadway to avoid being struck.

Officers learned that when Bennett was intentionally crashing the vehicle into parked cars in the parking lot, a bystander tried to intervene and stop her from crashing any further. Bennett attempted to run over the bystander, causing the bystander to jump out of the way to narrowly avoid being hit. Bennett was taken into custody and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for the following charges:

Attempted Assault 2 Hit and Run x 4 Reckless Driving x 4 Reckless Endangering x 4 Menacing x 3 Violation of Court Order DUII

Due to size of the crime scene, Officers are still looking for several victims of hit and run, as well as additional witnesses. Please contact the Newport Police Department if your vehicle was damaged as a result of this incident, or if you have information about this incident. 541-574-3348

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