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K-9 Bonni To Retire

It is with mixed emotions that Lincoln County Sheriff Curtis Landers announces the retirement of K9 Bonni, effective September 30th, 2020.  Bonni has been an integral part of the Lincoln County Law Enforcement family from her first day on duty in September of 2015.  Since then, Bonni has worked 40-hours or more each week in order to apprehend dangerous felons, increase the safety of her law enforcement partners, and protect the citizens.

Prior to Bonni, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office had not operated a K9 program since the 1980s.  Trained and certified as a Patrol K9, Bonni is able to perform suspect apprehension, tracking, article/evidence searching, and officer protection.  Bonni has responded to numerous emergency callouts, assisted in over 100 investigations, and apprehended 15 subjects for felony crimes such as assault or burglary.  Her skills have been highly sought after; she has assisted our law enforcement partners in Tillamook, Benton, Polk, and Lane Counties.

Bonni isn’t all work and no play- when she wasn’t tracking suspects, she was often performing demonstrations for community groups and schools.  Bonni’s mild temperament allowed her to be calm and approachable when not in “Work Mode”, making her a crowd favorite.  Upon retirement, Bonni will reside with her handler, Dep. Zachary Akin.  Dep. Akin tells us Bonni plans to just live the easy life on her favorite couch.  She has certainly earned it.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Lincoln County Foundation to create a means to accept donations for Bonni’s care in her retirement.  The Lincoln County Foundation will provide assistance by covering food and medical expenses for Bonni’s remaining years.  If you would like to contribute to Bonni’s retirement fund, please make a check payable to the Lincoln County Foundation with the memo “Sheriff’s Office/Bonni retirement fund”. 

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