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Kitty Rescued From Car Engine Compartment

On June 16th Newport Community Service Officer (CSO) Jovita Ballentine came upon a red Dodge Charger stopped with the hood up in a traffic lane on Hwy 101 just south of Hwy 20. Stopping to help, CSO Ballentine called for additional assistance for traffic control and to safely remove the vehicle from the roadway into a nearby parking lot. The occupants of the Charger stated a small kitten was trapped in the engine compartment.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Sgt. Jack Dunteman arrived on scene and made several attempts to retrieve the feline, hereby known as "Dodger Kitty". A local automotive repair shop arrived on scene to assist and was able to safely get the kitty out of the engine compartment. "Dodger Kitty" was transported to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter by Deputy Dave Martin, and was reported to be in good health and much calmer shortly after her arrival.

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