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Lincoln County Schools Drop Out Rates

The Oregon Department of Education shared all graduation and dropout rates across the state and for each school district. The Lincoln County School District showed an

overall graduation rate of 76.06% for students in a four-year cohort (those who started together as a freshman in 15-16). The LCSD’s rate of graduation of 426 students went from 81.99% down to 76.06%. This is a decrease of 5.93%. In the 5-year cohort, 430 students graduated and the rate increased by 4.27% to 85.12% up from 80.85% last year.

Superintendent Dr. Karen Gray shared her opinion about the graduation and dropout rates, “While it is unsettling to see the numbers of graduates decline for our 4-year cohort graduates, we do see a marked increase in our graduation rates for those in the 5-year cohorts. When reviewing the numbers, we must keep in mind that we are investing heavily in our students and have made many strides in what we offer to prepare graduates to be college and career ready by the time they walk across that graduation stage.

The School Board has been working on community engagement and a new Strategic Plan that will be rolled out this upcoming year. The Lincoln County School District will be able to access up to approximately $4.6 million state-funded dollars through the Student Success Act that will allow us to develop and expand our interventions for those who have been historically underserved such as our students of color, economically disadvantaged, students experiencing a disability and emergent bilingual populations."


Gray continues "We have effective and inspiring programs in place in our school district. We are not just numbers but unique educational experiences and caring relationships. In Lincoln County Schools we want our students to be engaged in their education and excited about their future. Just a few examples of what is happening this year include new programs in natural resources management, welding, visual arts, and design, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), new reading curriculum K-10, and trauma-informed care. Next year we add a new math curriculum. In addition, we continue to offer meals at no charge to all of our students.

Not all students will move onto a four-year college degree but we want all of our students to have the essential skills in place to have that as a genuine option and to be future-ready. We will see these numbers climb again for our 4-year cohorts as well as our 5-year cohorts which surpasses the state average. I say that boldly because I have every confidence in our students, staff, administration, school board, and community.”


Here are the numbers compared to the State of Oregon and last year’s numbers:


STATE 4-YEAR 80.01%


Graduation Rates 4-year Cohort

Lincoln County School District down by 5.93% (81.99% to 76.06%)

Taft High down by 1.31% (78.90% to 77.59%)

Toledo Senior down by 1.98% (79.25% to 77.27%)

Newport High down by 2.22% (83.83% to 81.61%)

Waldport High down by 14.33% (93.88% to 79.55%)

Charter Siletz Valley down by 8.43% (84.62% to 76.19%)

Charter Eddyville down by 66.67% (100% to 33.33%)

Charter Lincoln City Career Tech down by 32.38% (52.38% to 20%)


STATE 5-year 81.61%


Graduation Rates 5-year cohort

Lincoln County School District up by 4.27% (80.85% to 85.12%)

Taft High up by 1.61% (79.12% to 80.73%)

Toledo Senior up by 8.18% (74.51% to 82.69%)

Newport High up by 4.26% (82.49% to 86.75%)

Waldport High up by 7.79% (84.21% to 92%)

Charter Siletz Valley up by 8.1% (84.21% to 92.31%)

Charter Eddyville up by 5.56% (94.44% to 100%)

Charter Lincoln City Career Tech up by 1.75% (66.67 to 68.42)


Dropout rates for the Lincoln County School District are at 2.58% (last year it was 2%), which means that of 1,705 students in the 2015-16 4-year cohort, 44 did not complete the requirements to graduate. The state average is 3.26% with LCSD .68% lower than the state average. The largest number of dropouts in LCSD are among those who are experiencing homelessness and those who are not yet proficient in English during high school. LCSD identified 348 students as homeless and 23 of those dropped out which means 6.61% did not finish. Of the 63 students identified as English Learners, less than 10 dropped out

equating to 9.52%.

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