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Lincoln County Sheriff's Office New K-9 Ghost

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce the newest member of patrol, K9 Ghost, a 2 year old male German Shepherd from Wardenburg, Germany. He was raised in Germany where he had IPO training which is a popular dog sport in Germany in which dogs are tested for their skills in Tracking, Obedience and Protection. Recently, Ghost was brought to Riverside, California by Adlerhorst International where he was tested and hand selected by Deputy Akin to be his new partner.

K9 Ghost is full of energy and is eager to begin training with Deputy Akin to become an Oregon Certified Patrol K9 for the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. Over the next several months the two of them will begin training and bonding collectively. Upon completion of the training both the Deputy Akin and Ghost will be tested as a team. After certification Ghost will accompany Deputy Akin on patrol. Welcome K9 Ghost to Lincoln County!

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