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Little Food Pantry

The Lincoln City Driftwood Public Library (DPL), in partnership with Lincoln City Parks & Recreation (LCP&R), are installing the 1st ‘Little Food Pantry’ in Lincoln City, located at the Community Center, 2150 NE Oar Place. The mini pantry movement is a grassroots, community idea to address immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, mini pantries help feed neighbors, nourishing neighborhoods. The mini pantry movement activates neighbor engagement with food insecurity. People are welcome to drop off or pick up non-perishable foods and toiletries from this pantry.

This food pantry was the idea of a DPL intern, Jake Meyer, who as part of his internship was tasked with taking what he learned at Driftwood and tying it into the community somehow. He spent some time touring the City with library staff and asking questions before deciding that a Little Food Pantry is something that would be of great benefit to our town. DPL Outreach Services Coordinator, Star Khan, agreed to his idea, saying “We are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our community and we are so pleased that Jake chose to fill this particular need with his connected learning project. We are proud to be a part of the solution to food insecurity.”

This food pantry will be located at the Community Center front door entrance, next to the existing ‘Little Library’. LCP&R Recreation Supervisor Boone Marker states “We are excited to have this little food pantry available to our community, to help bridge the gap with food insecurities.” In celebration of the new Little Food Pantry, please join DPL and LCP&R for a ‘little ribbon cutting’ on Friday, Oct 21, 2022, 10am at the Lincoln City Community Center.

Special guests may include Lincoln City City Council, the Lincoln City Food Pantry staff, Lincoln City Parks & Recreation Board, Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce, RECKids participants, among others.

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