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Man Arrested After Creating A Disturbance At A Restaurant

Zebedee Schultz Lincoln County Jail photo

On February 11th,2019 Officers responded to a business in the 200 Block of NW Coast Street for a 911 Hang-up call., Dispatchers had attempted to call the business several times with no success. Officers arrived on the scene and learned a subject had been in the business creating a disturbance.

Investigation revealed, Zebedee Matthew Shultz, 36, of Newport, had entered the business in an enraged state and began arguing with customers, threatening to hurt or kill them. Shultz left the business, but returned, a short time later and demanded his money back for a beverage he had purchased earlier. When an employee was not able to refund him his money, Shultz became violent again, making threats to staff and patrons.

Shultz grabbed the money out of the employee tip jar and left the business a second time. About five minutes later Shultz returned a third time. This time he got into a verbal argument with a customer eventually pushing the customer. The customer entered the business to use the phone to call for police, but Shultz grabbed the phone away and left with the phone.

An employee followed Shultz out of the business and down the street, attempting to retrieve the phone. Shultz realized the employee was behind him and began threatening the employee, chasing after the employee while verbally threatening to kill him.

Officers located Shultz in the immediate area.. Further investigation revealed Shultz had thrown the business phone on top of a nearby roof, then walked to his own residence, a short distance away. At his residence, Shultz changed his clothes and grabbed two knives before heading back towards the business when he was intercepted by police. Shultz told officers he had only grabbed the knives because he was scared of the people at the business and that he was just going for a walk.

Zebedee Matthew Shultz was arrested and lodged at the Lincoln County Jail for;


Theft 3

Disorderly Conduct

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