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Man Wanted For Distribution Of Fentanyl

In June of 2022 a Toledo Patrol Officer, while working his routine patrol duties, was able to identify a possible individual involved in the active distribution of Fentanyl in Lincoln County. Through investigation the Toledo Police Department was able to identify the individual responsible for the distribution of the Fentanyl as Joshua Robert Kay, we were also able to determine Kay was residing at 1538 North East Yaquina Heights Drive. Based upon additional investigation we were able to present and obtain a search warrant for Kay’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) and large garage which was located on the property through the Lincoln County Circuit Court.

On 09-02-2022 at approximately 7:05 AM the Toledo Police Department, Lincoln City Police Department, Newport Police Department, and the Oregon State Police executed the warrant on Kay’s property. As Officer’s arrived on scene Kay was able to leap from the driver’s compartment of the RV and flee into the woods. A Lincoln City Police Department K9 Officer, along with a team of additional Officer’s searched the dense forest area extensively, but were unable to locate Kay.

In Kay’s haste to exit the RV he dropped his wallet containing a significant amount of US Currency, his Oregon ID and several other identifying documents. Kay also dropped a black metal box which was later discovered to contain dealer level quantities of heroin and methamphetamine, a digital gram scale and other items commonly associated with narcotics use/distribution.

A search of the RV/garage yielded multiple weapons in which a convicted felon is unable to possess including a firearm (with mutilated serial number) and several “switch blade” style knives. The RV also contained additional US Currency, over 450 “Dirty 30” Fentanyl Pills and a significant amount of “Rainbow” powder Fentanyl. Rainbow powder Fentanyl looks similar to sidewalk-chalk and is increasingly making its way into the Lincoln County Community. The powder Fentanyl is this case was bright blue, bright green and bright yellow.

There is currently probable cause to arrest Kay for Unlawful Possession of Fentanyl (A schedule II-controlled substance), Unlawful Deliver of Fentanyl, Unlawful Possession of Heroin, Unlawful Delivery of Heroin, Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine, Unlawful Delivery of Methamphetamine, Felon in Possession of a Restricted Weapon x 3, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Escape III, among other crimes. Two additional individuals were located and detained in the RV, one of these subjects was arrested on outstanding warrants.

The Toledo Police Department would like to the thank the Newport Police Department, the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office and the Oregon State Police for their assistance in this investigation. We would also extend extreme gratitude to the Lincoln City Police Department who devoted a significant amount of personnel and time to ensure the search warrant service was safe and successful.

The citizens of Lincoln County are lucky to have an agency such as the Lincoln City Police Department who value the harmful and negative effects narcotics (specifically Fentanyl) is having on the citizens of Lincoln County. A photograph of Kay is attached, it should be noted Kay now appears slimmer than in the photograph and has black ink flames on his right forearm along with a black ink skeleton bones tattoo on his left hand. If you have information on Kay’s whereabouts please call the Toledo Police Department at 541-336-5555.

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