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Moonshine Park Requires Reservations For Camping

To address issues with overcrowding, guest and staff safety, and access to county recreation facilities, Lincoln County Parks will require overnight camping reservations during the 2024 season. “We want to take this opportunity to address recent adjustments to the rules and

regulations at Moonshine Park and clarify the reasons behind these changes,” Parks

Supervisor Kelly Perry said. “We understand that change can sometimes be challenging, especially when it impacts familiar routines and cherished activities.” The changes are necessary to address capacity issues, safety concerns, and to maintain the integrity of our park's natural resources while providing access and enjoyment of county park facilities for all visitors.

“First, we have introduced a maximum limit of six individuals per campsite at Moonshine, down from the previous allowance of 10,” Perry said. “This adjustment is necessary to alleviate strain on our septic system, which is currently over capacity. By limiting the number of people per campsite, we can better manage our resources and ensure that all campsites remain open, operational and safe.” Additionally, Lincoln County Parks has implemented restrictions on the number of vehicles permitted per campsite. Each campsite is now limited to one RV/vehicle and one additional vehicle. This measure is in response to safety hazards caused by excessive parking, particularly in fire lanes and main thoroughfares within the park.

Vehicles must be parked exclusively within designated paved parking areas to maintain

order and ensure the safety of all visitors.

It's important to note that reservations are now required for all campsites. This change

aims to prevent the disappointment, inconvenience and even open conflict experienced

by many visitors under the previous first-come, first-served system, which often led to

overcrowding and frustration due to lack of available space. Furthermore, to address concerns raised by local residents, Lincoln County Parks carefully managed reservations for specific campground loops. Following a review period, reservations for the B-loop will be open for the upcoming summer season starting May 1. This decision was made to provide equitable access to all visitors while assuring local residents have access to a beloved gathering spot.

So far, 80% of reservations through the new system have been Lincoln County residents.

For day use visitors, Moonshine Park continues to have a total of 27 spaces available.

Day use fees are $5 per day or $35 for an annual pass – this has not changed. To

ensure the safety and enjoyment of all park users, overflow parking within the park will

not be permitted to ensure clear fire lanes and access for emergency vehicles. When

day use parking spots are full in summer season, Lincoln County Parks will update the

website and outgoing phone message.

“We kindly ask for your cooperation in adhering to these updated rules and regulations.

They are essential for the efficient, responsible and safe management of our park

facilities. Please be aware that enforcement of these rules will be in effect this summer,”

Perry said. “Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we strive to maintain

Moonshine Park as a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive environment for all visitors.”

To make reservations, visit the Parks website at

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