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No Merger For Depoe Bay/Lincoln City Chambers

Mellissa Sumner Depoe Bay Chamber Director announced the Depoe Bay Chamber will not be dissolved or merged into Lincoln City Chamber. It was something that was being considered but in the best interest of both chamber members the two entities will remain separate. Sumner said they will still partner on things like educational luncheons, workshops, networking, ribbon ceremonies & grand openings, as well as the annual Chamber Business Directory.

"For personal reasons however and my commitment to Depoe Bay, my employment with Lincoln City Chamber will end this month" said Sumner. "I believe a Chambers’ mission is to promote, support, and advocate for businesses and the community. Our Chamber also has the mission to support and promote tourism. When we take care of our businesses, we support our community which in turn welcomes visitors."

Sumner said she has accepted 5 applications for board members and still have space available. Those interested who would like an application, can email Mellissa@depoebaychamber.com and she will email the application or mail it to you. The Depoe Bay Chamber website DiscoverDepoeBay.org is currently being updated and will have all the members listed, as well as events and contact information soon. The chamber's Facebook is Depoe Bay Chamber.

Salmon Bake is scheduled for September 17th, 2022 pending City Council approval on July 19th, 2022 and the chamber will need volunteer help. This Thursday, July 14th starting at 5:30 pm at the Depoe Bay Community Hall will be the first in-person meeting for Salmon Bake. If you can’t make this meeting but want to help, please email Mellissa. The tour busses, senior centers, and parks and rec for several cities are excited to return to Depoe Bay. The art contest for Salmon Bake is underway and ends on July 26th, at 4 pm. Please send submissions to info@depoebaychamber.org or drop them off at Tradewinds Office or REMAX Office. The winner will be announced on July 29.

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