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OCCC Delays Bond Ask To May 2024

Oregon Coast Community College is proposing a new building – tentatively named the Center for Trades Education – to serve Lincoln County students, employers, and industry. The measure to fund the building, originally intended to appear on the May 2023 ballot in Lincoln County, has been rescheduled for the May 2024 election. 


“One of the key elements that drove us to bring this proposal to the voters this year has

changed,” reported Dave Price, OCCC’s Vice President of Engagement. “Since the

summer of 2022, when we began discussing this May’s bond measure proposal, we’ve

discussed the $8.14 million in matching funds from the State of Oregon. Recently,

it became clear those funds have been reallocated and previously authorized projects for

three community colleges, including Oregon Coast, were not carried forward as

expected in the Department of Administrative Service’s budget request.”  OCCC is

refiling the project as a 2023-2025 capital funding request for the $8 million match.


Price said that the because the matching funds have appeared on the College’s ballot

title and explanatory statement, and that hundreds of potential voters have already

attended one or more of the college’s many public presentations held to date, College

leadership decided to reschedule the ballot measure.

“These folks have heard our commitment that their tax dollars, in the form of the $32 million our bonds would have raised for this project, would be matched by $8 million in state funds. If there’s any chance that we wouldn’t have been able to deliver on that expectation, we felt an

obligation to wait for the next election cycle.”  Price added that the College is already working with agencies in Salem, and has solicited the support of Rep. David Gomberg and Sen. Dick Anderson to help ensure state-match funding will in fact be available in May 2024 election.  


Dr. Birgitte Ryslinge, OCCC president, said the change to May 2024 is a mixed

blessing. “While it’s true we’re discouraged by the potential delay of matching funds

we’d been led to believe were available for this May’s election cycle, we are excited to

have more time to engage with the community in planning what programs and

expansions will be included. There’s more time to share how the County will benefit

from this once-in-decades investment in career training for vital trades across Lincoln


Ryslinge added that the OCCC Board of Education will vote on approving the May 2024

ballot measure at an upcoming meeting. To learn more about the College’s proposed

Center for Trades Education, visit oregoncoast.edu/cte.


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