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Oregon Coast Aquarium Enrichment Day

Harbor Seal enrichment

The Oregon Coast Aquarium will celebrate Animal Enrichment Day on Wednesday, March 27. Animal Enrichment Day showcases the variety of ways that Aquarium staff keep our animals—from sea otters and harbor seals to octopuses and wolf eels—stimulated, healthy and entertained.

“Attending to an animal’s mental well-being is just as important as suitable housing, top-notch veterinary care and the best food available,” said Sage Butts, Assistant Curator of Fish and Invertebrates. “Aquarium staff meet this need by devising specialized items and experiences, called enrichment, that encourage natural behaviors.”

Guests will learn how enrichment keeps the Aquarium critters busy through animal presentations, guest displays and activity booths. They can try to paint like a sea lion, play sturgeon soccer and even learn how to enrich their own pets at home from the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. Those impressed by our artistic pinnipeds can enter raffles to win a one-of-a-kind pinniped painting.

Enrichment Day activities are included with Aquarium admission, and every Wednesday, Lincoln County residents receive $5 admission. To accommodate spring break coastal visitors, the Aquarium will also stay open an extra hour, until 6 PM, from March 23 to April 7.

Information and photos provided by OCA

The Aquarium’s animal enrichment program is supported, in part, by donations. To contribute to the well-being of our 15,000 marine critters, shop the Aquarium’s animal enrichment wish list at bit.ly/enrichmentwishlist.

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