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Pacific Power Updates On Safety Power Shutoffs

Pacific Power continues to prepare for Public Safety Power Shutoffs ahead of Friday’s wind event. Wind prone, rural areas that are deeper in the mountains will experience shutoffs first. As the windstorm progresses throughout the day, additional shutoffs will happen. Customers have been notified of the estimated power shutoff times through phone calls, email and text messages, and will continue to receive updates through ongoing communications.

The company’s best estimates of when power will be shut off in North Lincoln County communities is around 10am, (see map above for affected areas) however it might be sooner if conditions warrant.

Pacific Power is bringing in additional personnel and resources to ensure service is restored as quickly and safely as possible once weather conditions allow. Crews will actively patrol lines and remove debris and make repairs if needed. Once that work is complete, Pacific Power will restore service. Weather-related outages could happen outside of Public Safety Power Shutoff areas. The best time to prepare is now. Check that your outage kit is stocked and ready. Things to include are:

  • Flashlights or headlamps

  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio, fans

  • Extra batteries

  • Car chargers for cell phones and electronic devices

  • Bottled water for people and animals (if you rely on electricity to pump water)

  • Frozen cold packs or water frozen in bags or plastic bottles (keep ready in your freezer)

  • Emergency phone numbers, including Pacific Power Customer Service: 1-888-221-7070

Visit pacificpower.net/wildfiresafety for additional information on Public Safety Power Shutoffs, outage preparedness and wildfire safety.

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