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Pedestrian Safety Operation Results

On September 18th the Lincoln City Police Department conducted a Pedestrian Safety Operation on Hwy 101 in the area between N 10th Street and N 14th Street. The primary focus of this operation was to raise pedestrian safety awareness. The operation was conducted between 3:00 and 6:00 PM. Warning signs were posted prior to entering the pedestrian safety operation zone. During the three hour operation Lincoln City police issued 9 citations. The warnings and citations were given for failure to carry registration; failure to yield to pedestrian in cross walk; and passing a vehicle stopped at cross walk.

In addition to the pedestrian safety operation, the Lincoln City Police also plan to conduct several Distracted Driving Enforcement operations through the end of September. These operations are designed to stop drivers who are distracted while operating their vehicles and talking on their cell phones or other electronic devices. In addition, the officers will be looking for drivers who are driving aggressively by speeding, following too close, making dangerous or unsignaled lane changes, or running stop signs.

The members of the Lincoln City Police Department are dedicated to enhancing the safety of the citizens and guests of the city, and these safety operations are conducted in an effort to reduce the potential for injuries or death caused from traffic collisions. Funding for the pedestrian safety operations and the distracted driving operations are made possible through grants provided by the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Impact.

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